New Orleans Wedding Guide- Cake

How sweet it is to be loved by your fiancé? What possibly could make it more tasty than selecting the best wedding cake of all time? The New Orleans area has a plethora of fantastic bakeries that could potentially satisfy your sweet tooth. The possibilities are seemingly endless, as some bakers can craft cakes designed by the wildest of imaginations. We have some tips to help guide you to the best baker, and ultimately, to the wedding cake you have been envisioning.

The first objective you will want to complete is the style of cake you wish to have. At this point in the wedding planning process, you may have already selected your wedding venue and have an idea of what you may want for your floral arrangements. The size of your venue usually indicates how many guests you expect to attend the event, which will allow you to factor in what size of a cake you will need. For example, if you are in a grand ball room with high ceilings, you might want a cake that has columns between the tiers to gain extra height. If you are using primarily white and red roses for your arrangements, perhaps your baker can work in conjunction with your florist to use roses as garnishes and decorations for the cake. Search Google for wedding cake styles, and save or print any pictures that strike your attention. If it is possible, take note of the type of icing, whether it is fondant, buttercream, or both. Sometimes bakers will use buttercream as a base layer for taste, and then a layer of fondant to give it that textbook smooth surface.

Next, ask friends and family members for their recommendations on bakeries. It is wise to search for bakeries that focus on weddings or otherwise special occasions. These bakeries are already predisposed to the nuances of wedding cakes. Searching Google for New Orleans area bakeries will also be resourceful. If you had already been searching cake styles, Google may have already pointed you to pictures from bakeries in your region. Look through reviews and testimonials, and compile a short list of bakeries that stick out to you. Be mindful of internet reviews and pictures, as some internet users can often be needlessly inflammatory and some bakeries hire professional studios to photoshop mistakes from the pictures of the cakes.

The next step is to set up an interview with the bakery, and come prepared with your vision and questions. Once you work out the design of the cake, inquire further into the logistics of the cake. How will it be delivered and handled the day of the wedding? When will it be made? It's important to know how far in advance the cake will be made in relation to the day of the special occasion. No one wants a stale cake, stress this to your baker, which is why it is crucial to not order your cake during the “crunch period” of your wedding (the last two months before the big day). Ask if the baker will supply fabrics and tablecloths.

Once you have gone over logistics, you can now focus on the cost of the cake. There is a considerable overhead cost on the baker's end for all the necessary ingredients and materials, so a deposit may be necessary on the day of the contract signing. Generally, cakes are valued by the weight per slice, which is on average between $4 and $10. Make sure every single detail is written into the contract before you sign it. Once the agreement is signed, you can move into the next stage of planning, and have confidence that your baker will deliver the perfect cake for you and your soul mate. Your wedding day may be a whirlwind of happiness and excitement, but don't forget to sit down and enjoy a slice of cake that celebrates the start of a new chapter in your life!


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