New Orleans Wedding Guide- Candy Buffets

Candy tables are showing up everywhere from parties, to showers, and weddings. If you are planning your wedding, then you may want to consider a candy table, it is a fantastic idea. It not only brings out your wedding colors, it also provides a great take home for your guests. You can throw in thank you letters inside each box or baggie. Choosing a candy buffet maker is a difficult task. The market for makers is a small market. This guide is designed to help you find the best candy table maker to fit your needs.

When it comes to your wedding, you should always plan everything well in advance. Before you start looking for candy table makers there are a couple things you should consider. The theme of your wedding may suggest the color scheme you choose to use, if that is not the case you need to come up with a color scheme. You also may want to include a center piece that fits the center pieces on the rest of the table at your reception. Adding a few candles is a great idea, it draws attention to the table and they look really nice mixed in with your buffet. When planning keep in mind since the market for candy buffet table makers is small, they often get booked up for weeks at a time. This is where planing in advance is key you want to make sure they will be available on the date of your reception.

It's a good idea to start coming up with some ideas. The best place to find candy table ideas is the internet. You can search the words “candy table” or “candy buffet” you will find a list of thousands of pictures featuring candy buffets. Your best bet would be to print off your top five favorites and bring them to the candy maker. This will give them an idea , and help them determine if they can deliver what you are looking for. Make a list of candy you would like present at the reception. If you have any special containers you would like to use discuss this with the maker.

Weddings can be very expensive. Come up with a set budget you are willing to spend on your table. You may need 10 pounds or more of candy, the candy buffet maker will provide the candy, the containers, the tongs, the table cloths and decorations, the baggies and the boxes, and any little knick-knacks. Look around until you find a buffet maker that will meet your budget yet still deliver quality work.

It is okay to be involved with the candy buffet maker. Be sure they understand your needs and wishes. This is the time to discuss your likes, dislike, and anything you would like to add. Once you choose your candy buffet maker it is a good idea to keep in contact with them. Be sure they know the exact time you need the table set up by.

Choosing a candy table maker may be difficult but if you follow this simple guide it should not only be easy but fun for you. You are in luck because New Orleans has various candy buffet makers. Go check them out!

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