New Orleans Wedding Guide- D.J.

The process of planning a wedding can leave your head spinning at times, especially if you are the “do-it-yourself” sort. Sometimes missing the most minute detail can lead to a downward spiral on your big day. The only thing that should be spinning on the day of your wedding is the turntables, and you and your lovely spouse moving to the jams. Fortunately, there are a plethora of disc-jockeys available in the New Orleans area. A professional DJ should be more than capable of providing you with a musical experience that compliments the rest of your wedding perfectly. Do not settle for anything less than professionalism! We have some tips to help you identify a potential candidate in your search.

In your search for a disc-jockey, you should first start your list with personal referrals from friends and family members. Next, search Google for New Orleans area DJ's, and add to your list the ones that stick out to you. Then start the process of corresponding with these potential disc-jockeys, and come equipped with plenty of questions. The first question you ought to ask is how experienced are they in their field? What type of experience do they have? The best DJ's are usually the most experienced because they've been good enough to refer to others, and some may not focus primarily on weddings. You may be surprised to find a potential disc-jockey books most of his work with night clubs. This is not to say that DJ's whose line of work is focused on a different type of event is wrong for you, it depends on your vision. Most weddings are fairly low key, and most wedding guests are not interested in being demanded to get on the dance floor and raise the roof.

Once you narrow your list down to a handful of choices, you can go over the details you may not think of immediately with your candidate. Ask if the DJ has worked at the venue you've chosen for your wedding reception. It goes without saying if they are familiar with the venue's limitation it will provide for a more seamless preparation. Ask about the DJ's equipment. How thorough is their knowledge of the equipment they are using? What condition is the equipment in? The best DJ's should be able to work with venues on any sort of equipment conflicts.

A key aspect of a DJ's duties is crowd control. Inquire into whether the prospective disc-jockey is willing to be the emcee for the ceremony at the reception. If they do handle such a duty, be sure their approach suits you, as some DJ's can stray into the territory of yelling incomprehensible things into the microphone which is entirely acceptable for a club or party atmosphere, but not for a reception, unless your type of reception is more akin to the aforementioned atmospheres. It's important to gauge their personality from these interviews, asking them how they would handle motivating the crowd, handling guest song requests, and most importantly, how they handle your requests and the amount of control you wish to have over the reception play-list.

The most important question for those of us on budgets is cost. Make sure to ask for an invoice or a quote including every single detail. Some DJ's are willing to work overtime, some include being fed dinner into the contract. Before you sign anything, be certain this DJ is the right one for you. On your wedding night, you should be too busy waltzing away with your beau and entertaining guests to deal with any problems that may arise from the disc-jockey, and if you select the right candidate, no issues should ever arise! Now go out there, and bust a move with the love of your life!

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