New Orleans Wedding Guide- Live Music

Planning a wedding can sometimes make you twist and shout, but that sort of thing is better reserved for the dance floor the night of your big day. For some couples, that is not necessarily always the case in reality. Finding the perfect form of music entertainment for the occasion should be as easy as the steps in your favorite line dance. Some couples elect to go with a disc-jockey to provide music as well as the emcee duties for the ceremony, but the right band or live performer will set your wedding apart from the others in a way the best DJ's cannot possibly match. Quite simply, a band engages with audiences differently than a DJ would, if they are true professionals they will bring an atmosphere that people should naturally connect to. If you are certain on your form of entertainment, and wish to go down the route of hiring a wedding band, there are plenty of options available in the New Orleans area that surely will not have you singing the post wedding band Blues. Don't fret, we have plenty of guitar licking tips that will assist you in selecting the best band for you.

The first step in the process is to ascertain recommendations from friends and family, and recall any suitable bands that may struck a chord with you in the past. Keep in mind, some bands may be great to listen to in a bar or concert venues such as The Howlin' Wolf or the House of Blues, but their sound or style may not translate to the atmosphere required for a wedding. Most wedding guests are not interested in hearing blaring music for the duration of an entire ceremony, and chances are you most likely would rather have a low key, or more traditional styled wedding. Look through online directories or search Google for wedding oriented bands in the area. Go to websites, and try to find videos of performances from the band.

Once you have a couple bands in mind, reach out to them, and set up an interview. Some questions you should have prepared for the band during the interview are how long they play for, how many breaks do they take, do they have backup members or a band in-case of emergency? Bands with even the smallest modicum of professionalism understand that emergencies arise, and should have a backup plan. Ask them if that sort of thing is something they handle, or if it would be your responsibility to acquire a backup. How does the band handle crowds, do they entertain guest song requests, what songs does the band refuse to play? It's advisable to get the contact information of the bandleader so that you can go over what songs you would like them to play, or if they do not know those songs, which ones they would need to learn. Also consider feeding the band, which could work in your favor in terms of negotiating the final deal. Ask the band about their equipment, if they are a professional band they will have equipment that is in good condition and an extensive knowledge of the equipment itself. Ask the band if they have worked your venue before, give them the venue's contact information so that any technical kinks can be worked out well before the night of your wedding. If you need a Lansing Wedding Band we can also help you.

Lastly, you will want to work out the cost. Some bands do not require a written contract, but not having one may work against your best interests. Most bands have been through experiences where a venue has ripped them off, and have gone about devising a system to insure they get their money. Produce a written contract that sets out every single minute detail for the performance from logistics, to breaks, to payment. Generally, you will place a deposit, and pay the remainder of the balance the night of the wedding. To ensure that your band really delivers a breathtaking performance, pay them during one of their breaks. In this scenario, the band will perform with peace of mind knowing they will not have to struggle for the rest of their pay, and they will know that you are appreciating their work. Once all the I's are dotted and the T's crossed, you can rest easy knowing that during the night of your wedding, the band you hired is going to leave your guests demanding an encore.

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