New Orleans Wedding Guide- Wedding Jewelry

So you are planning your wedding, and you already have the perfect dress. Now it's time to think about accessories. Everyone favorite accessory is jewelery. Finding a good jewelery store is not as easy as it may seem. There are various things you have to consider while choosing a jewelery store. There are thousands of jewelery stores all in competition for your business. You probably have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing one. This guide was created to give you the basic knowledge on finding a jewelery store best for you.

Find an established jewelery store. You need to be knowledgeable about the company. Know how long they have been in business. A good jewelery store will have published information about their services and products. If they do not, move on! Ask about their credentials. They should have awards, certificates, or degrees. Ask to see them this will help you prove their legitimacy.

When it comes to wedding jewelery its important not to go over budget. Your jewelery is not the main focus, your wedding gown is. jewelery should never become a distraction from your gown, so keep it simple. Compare prices between jewelers, you may be surprised to see the same piece hundreds of dollars less at different store. Never purchase a piece from a jeweler who is consistently trying to get you to purchase something way out of your budget. This proves they are strictly seeking their own agendas, rather then helping you find something you can afford.

You should understand that when choosing the right jeweler you are creating a relationship. Hopefully, a long term relationship. A good jeweler will be able to help you find the best piece of jewelery to compliment your gown. They should show you an array of items. They will also help you narrow down your choices, and hopefully help you find the right piece within your budget. Make sure that the jewelery store offers regular maintenance on your jewelery such as cleaning. Ask about their policies on broken stones that have fallen out. A good jeweler will fix this free of charge.

You should bring a third party of appraisal. Do not take the jewelery stores word for it. Its important that you get your moneys worth and you know how much your jewelery is worth. You should be able to see the cut of the diamond under a gemological microscope, the store should have a full spectrum diamond light for color grading. One of the most important things to consider is warranties and returns. When you buy anything expensive its always important to know the policy on warranties and returns.

Picking your wedding jewelery can be exciting when done correctly. Follow this simple guide and you wont have any troubles finding a jeweler. You in luck because New Orleans has various jewelery stores for you to choose from. Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy your new jewelery.

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